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PUREBEAU’s skilful use of state-of-the-art application technology, reliable colour management and visagistic skills opens up the whole world of natural perfection.
PUREBAU also offers all possibilities in the field of medical pigmentation. Natural and authentic results are always the top priority, unless customers explicitly want a distinctive implementation.
PUREBEAU PermanentMake-up can be applied flexibly or designed intensively and permanently. PUREBAU offers a clear plus in freedom of choice.


Pioneer of the first hour

PUREBEAU has been one of the leading and most modern permanent make-up providers worldwide for almost twenty years now. The ultimate goal has always been the perfect, high-quality and natural perfection of beauty.

PUREBEAU continuously researches and develops for this purpose and inspires its customers with an absolutely safe method, highly stable high-end colours and excellent pigmentation technology (PUREBEAU MASTER).


For PUREBEAU, natural and authentic results are the benchmark for excellent permanent make-up. Following the success principle ‘knowledge & talent’, PUREBAU pigmenters possess well-founded expertise and a pronounced visagistic talent.

Natural perfection of beauty

PUREBEAU Permanent Make-up

Since PUREBEAU was founded at the end of the nineties, the ‘Natural Perfection of Beauty’ has been our guiding principle. Over the past decade, our unique technology and colour management has made PUREBEAU one of the world’s leading PMU brands.


What does natural beauty mean?

The answer for PUREBEAU is simple and uncompromising: beauty is only natural if it shows no signs of artificiality. Completing beauty therefore means that permanent make-up must not be recognizable as such.

Our technology, colour world and methodology provide pigmenters with precise products as well as the basis for this claim. Combined with talent and aesthetic education, they lay the foundation for excellent permanent make-up.


Reflection of Permanent Make-up

For 60% of potential customers who would definitely like to make permanent make-up more beautiful, permanent make-up is out of the question nowadays. Why is the reputation of permanent make-up sometimes so bad? Because trust is still lacking and the results are often not really natural and do not correspond to a modern beauty ideal. PUREBEAU wants to change this and that is why it is so important that PUREBEAU pigmenters are trained in our Academy with absolute stylistic confidence.


PUREBEAU stands for true naturalness

To this end, we continuously reflect on our own performance. Our success is based on the fact that we are able to depict permanent make-up in its entirety – especially the truly natural implementation. The perfect combination of technology, colour management and aesthetic stylistic confidence helps us to achieve this.

PUREBEAU Permanent Make-up

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