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Permanent Make-up




PUREBEAU is your partner for permanent make-up, non-invasive lifting and anti-aging. Our unique system combines different methods for the natural and holistic perfection of beauty.

This approach is also reflected in our technical developments. Different methods can be realized precisely with only one basic device.


The new reference book shows in a profound and motivating way how you can maximize your business with result-oriented cosmetics. Use this coaching book and expand your lead progressively and profoundly.

Learn the recipes for success directly from professionals and almost everything about the exciting topic of conceptual cosmetics or a cosmetic that achieves better results all along the line.


For almost twenty years PUREBEAU has been writing a success story as a beauty pioneer from Berlin, creating trend-setting products and methods for cosmetic studios worldwide.

The techniques for permanent make-up, lifting and anti-aging developed by PUREBEAU are the result of a visionary spirit of research and many years of expertise and ensure best and natural results all over the world.

PUREBEAU develops and produces almost all its products in Germany itself and offers: Technology, colours, accessories and training.

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