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Skin tightening without surgery

PUREBEAU revolutionizes its holistic approach to the natural perfection of beauty with a new breakthrough method, PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST.

Operating principle

The PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST handpiece generates a tiny plasma flash at its tip. This lightning jumps from the tip to a tiny point on the skin the size of a millimetre. This superficial point minimally contracts the skin in its immediate surroundings.
Various points are inserted and create a reduction grid, which requires different patterns and insertion sequences depending on the area. Due to their variety and arrangement, these points can equalize excess skin: Result: the skin area in question is clearly tightened.

Advantages of the revolutionary lifting effect

  • In contrast to a conventional operation, it is not possible to “over-lift” the skin; only the natural excess skin is reduced minimally invasively.
  • The 1:1 result is directly visible during the treatment and remains for a long time after healing.
  • The PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST handpiece can be used with many PUREBEAU Permanent Make-up devices.
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