…Simply continue your training

Evolution and change is written in our faces and teaches us to take new paths. Not everything is bad, you just have to see it from the positive side. Let the past rest, because even there not everything was practical and good, but rather costly and time-consuming. Let’s think of all the fairs, workshops, paths that could not be avoided because we were so used to them. Let’s leave out the costs and the investment. Let’s take a look at what has already happened in our time. Away from the good old telex, fax and landline to mobile, tablet, WhatsApp, e-mail, Twitter, Instagram and much more. The old hand asks himself: “Has the world gone mad? I say no, we are becoming more virtual, more direct, more informative and we can choose where we want to go, make ourselves more comfortable and concentrate on what is important. Welcome to Zoom Live, Go To Meeting or skype, things that exist or have existed and we can use them intensively now. In addition to conversations with visual contact, we can share training content via Power Point or treatment films, impart knowledge and answer questions in detail. Of course the personal face to face is still very much appreciated, you can be more personal there, but let’s not kid ourselves, if you have done this a few times before, it works in these meetings as well. Not only is communication from us to you through all our service facets from permanent make-up, colour theory, Aqua + Powderbrows and Lips to coaching and fibroblast, but if used properly, you can also use it to us as a mouthpiece. Use it also to extend your visibility. Instead of organising Tupperware parties or product presentations in your shop, you simply collect the interested parties and organise your promotion online. There is really no more cost-saving and targeted way. And this is how it works: Download Zoom, open a meeting with one of us (you should ask us for your e-mail address beforehand, we will then assign the appropriate coaching partner) or in the case of training courses, give us your e-mail address and we will open the meeting and get started. So off into orbit, I promise you it will be worth it, because what is better than training in these times. Our Zoom Meetings are informative, training and, in all this, practical and motivating.