International Workshop

Berlin 2020


PUREBEAU Professional Beauty Coaching with all PUREBEAU treatment courses
From lifting and needling to perfect permanent make-up incl. PUREBEAU After & Home Care

  • Presentation PUREBEAU Beauty Coaching (Dirk Hundertmark)
  • PUREBEAU Treatment Step 1
    · Fibroblast – all techniques
    – Coldblast – optimal after care and hygiene conclusion of all treatments
    (Lisa / Dirk Hundertmark)
  • PUREBEAU Treatment Step 2
    · Purebeau Needling & Intraceutcials
    Anti Aging incl. Hydro Mask & Pads
    · Product use and Home Care
    (head beautician Kerstin Brosowski, PUREBEAU Master Katrin Hundertmark)
  • PUREBEAU Treatment Step 3
    · Finest Permanent Make up
    · Ombre / Powderbrows Agnieska Kloda
    · Eyebrows traditional
    (Katrin Hundertmark)
  • PUREBEAU Lips traditional and powder
    (PUREBEAU MASTER Viktoriya Rudko)
  • PUREBEAU  Behandlung Step 4
  • Purebeau Kryolipolyse – Purebeau ICE
  • Bacon away


Evening : After Work Party from 20:00

Location will be announced soon…


Permanent Make-up total

  • Opening (Dirk Hundertmark)
  • PUREBEAU Color Education (Dirk Hundertmark)
  • Permanent Make up – corrections
    eyebrows, eyelid line, lips, Camouflage

    (Ana Maria Margineanu und Dirk Hundertmark)
  • Permanent Make up removal & Cover up
    (Katrin und Dirk Hundertmark)
  • PUREBEAU  After Care Management
    and the advantages of rapid healing

    (Dirk Hundertmark)
  • PUREBEAU  Areola (Brust) Pigmentierung
    (Heiko Zierath)
  • Marketing & Professional Coaching
    in the training and customer area

    (Angela Thomas)
  • Idea – Innovation – Motivation – Objectives – Realization
    (Dirk Hundertmark)
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